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We're hiring.

Do you have a passion for working with data?
Do you understand the indispensable work of community mental health agencies?
Are you a curious person, who knows a little about SQL and Power BI?

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Data to the people!

Let's turn your Credible electronic health record data into actionable information, that you can actually use to improve outcomes.

You have a vital mission, and you deserve access to meaningful, actionable data that supports that mission. Mental health leaders across the country, just like you, are using data to understand the financial health of their agency, the well-being of their staff, the strengths and needs of the people in their community, and the quality, value, and impact of their services.

Mission Driven Data offers resources to help you at every step of your data journey.

Data tools for Credible EHR users: Our software, Janet, expands your capacity for taking action at your agency. Easily access all of your Credible data, as often as you need.

Consulting to expand your capacity: Our experts know how to deliver results.  Mental health programs from across the USA have used our services to get actionable data into the hands of their teams. We can do the same for you.

Community for data-curious people: More than a growing library of instructional content, the Mission Driven Data Community is a place to connect with like-minded professionals. You can access resources including guest speaker events with thought leaders, coworking sessions, and monthly workshops to grow your skills with data.

"From my development lens,

I’ve been loving the Janet software.

I was working on a grant last week and was able to effortlessly pull income data for a program without having to disrupt our finance team to pull the numbers for me. Definitely saved me lots of time and effort!"

Jess Rist

Chief Development and Communications Officer

IBH Addiction Recovery

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Ready to get real information from your Electronic Health Record data?

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