We're hiring.

Do you have a passion for working with data?
Do you understand the indispensable work of community mental health agencies?
Are you a curious person, who knows a little about SQL and Power BI?

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Our vision is to be the catalyst for change in the community mental health system. We hope to kindle the curiosity and creativity of emerging leaders, and create a new vocabulary of metrics that truly measure the quality and value of community services.


We believe every agency should have access to meaningful, understandable data, to support your organization and your mission.

Our Mission: 

Our Values:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We affirm that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are inherently valuable. We strive to create a space where every person's unique perspective can be heard, valued, and celebrated.


We illuminate data that can help identify barriers, gaps, strengths and opportunities. We understand that data is the beginning of a conversation, not the end.


We build data tools that are easy to use and rich in value. We provide our customers with high-quality services, consistently exceeding expectations.


We do our best to make sure the data tools we provide are accurate and complete. We are genuine, honest, and transparent when we make a mistake. We communicate clearly.


Since we are stewards of sensitive health care information, we value reliability and keeping to our word. We make promises we can keep, while maintaining our boundaries.


We believe in servant leadership, and we seek to empower people with that mindset. We care about the work we do, either because of a personal connection to the mental health system, or because we see people suffering in our community and we want to help.


We strive to be nimble. The health care system is constantly changing, and we want to stay flexible so we can take advantage of opportunities that align with our vision.


To attract and maintain high quality leaders in mental health, we also seek to build a community where they can experience learning and support. We care about developing our own skills, as well, so that we can bring that knowledge to our work.

Our Team: 


Ginger Bandeen, LCSW (she/her)
Founder & CEO

Ginger founded Mission Driven Data after a 15-year career in clinical social work, quality improvement, advocacy, and program development in the community behavioral health field.  Ginger is passionate about making data analysis accessible for clinicians - helping people who would say they aren't "data people" discover joy and excitement in the data analysis process. 


In her spare time, Ginger enjoys travel, pub trivia, and supporting her son's punk rock band as the nerdiest band mom ever.

Phone:  (971) 409-6931 
Email:  ginger@missiondrivendata.com


Collin Stackhouse, (he/they)
Director of Operations


Collin comes to Mission Driven Data from a background in hospital admissions, logistics and supply-chain management, and environmental science.


John Ramirez, (he/his)
Senior Solutions Consultant

John has 17 years experience in substance use and behavioral health services and reporting. Over the years he has led the implementation of three different EHRs, implemented and refined a complete revenue cycle billing cycle, created a suite of in-house clinical, billing and administrative reports, and led the BI department for one of the larger substance use agencies in Oregon.

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Heidi Busche, (she/her)
Director of Engagement

Heidi is so excited about being part of the Mission Driven Data team.  She brings qualitative and quantitative research experience as well as a passion for relationship building to her role as the Director of Engagement.  Heidi has been in Oregon for about 20 years now and in her spare time she loves walking her dogs and meeting new people.