Our Mission:  Meaningful, Accessible Data to Support Your Mission

Mission Driven Data was inspired by conversations with smart, passionate people across the country - people who care about the community behavioral health system, but see a widening gap in resources that can't be solved by doing business as usual. 


The behavioral health system is in danger of being left behind in the value-based care world, because measuring our value is complicated, our data is complex and, often, difficult to access.  

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Unfortunately, outside entities have come up with their own ways to measure our services & outcomes.  Our voices are often missing from these conversations, and so we are stuck with documentation & reporting requirements that aren't meaningful to us, and often don't even relate what we do. 


Across our system, people are realizing that this just isn't sustainable.  We have to get proactive.  We need clinicians, consumers, family members, partners, and leaders at the table when decisions about measuring value are being made. 


In fact, we need to decide for ourselves what matters and find ways to measure that, rather than waiting for outside entities to tell us what we're required to report.

This can feel like a big leap!  At Mission Driven Data, we think the first step is getting you access to your data so we're starting with Janet™, a tool for getting data out of the Credible Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record system, one of the largest and fastest growing data systems in the country. 


Next, we want to bring an understanding and appreciation for data into the culture of our workforce.  (Hint: this means looking at more than productivity!)  We want to make data interesting, exciting, and maybe even a little fun so more people can engage people in this process.  That's why we've started #DataFunFriday, a series of video chats about data that are designed to be fun and interesting.  And stay tuned - we have lots of other ideas for supporting this culture change.


Ginger Bandeen, LCSW, Founder & CEO

Ginger founded Mission Driven Data after a 15-year career in clinical social work, quality improvement, advocacy, and program development in the community behavioral health field.  Ginger is passionate about making data analysis accessible for clinicians - helping people who would say they aren't "data people" discover joy and excitement in the data analysis process. 


In her spare time, Ginger enjoys travel, pub trivia, and supporting her son's punk rock band, Internet Beef, as the nerdy-est band mom ever.

Phone:  (971) 409-6931 

Email:  ginger@missiondrivendata.com