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Specialized Consulting Services

Mission Driven Data consultants bring a combined 30+ years of experience in behavioral and mental health to work for your agency. We specialize in translating your business needs into actionable data tools.

We have a passion for helping your team understand the data that you are seeing.

Other areas of expertise:

  • Project planning and redesign

  • Developing and enhancing report specifications

  • Financial reporting for behavioral health agencies

  • Clinical outcomes, operations, and workflow measurement

  • Revenue cycle management and reporting

  • Implementation consulting

  • Assistance with state reporting compliance and quality

We want to help your team move to the next level, to look beyond what is required, to what's important.


We want you to be able to focus on advancing your mission, and moving your agency forward. Whether it's a one-off report that you want to explore for a grant application, a new program you want to track, or a complete re-imagination of your systems, we want to help.

Let's talk about your current systems, how they can be improved, and how you can start moving forward with your goals


Whether it's clarity about your goals, a set of action items for moving forward, ongoing support, or connections to resources for more information, we're here to help.  

A mental health data expert that can get results;
a lot like finding a unicorn


We've realized that finding the right kind of clinical expert, with the skills needed to really dive into your agency's data, can be hard to find.


To even know where to begin, this person needs an understanding of SQL, Power BI, and the Electronic Health Record database structure.

To create good reports, that data expert needs interview skills, an understanding of clinical needs, and the ability to deliver on executive-level expectations.


If you want all your data needs covered, this person needs to have financial competency, and understand the detailed reports required by your state, your funders, and the special quirky things in your contracts.

If you find or develop an internal 'unicorn', you'll need to consider the usual employee needs; HR, benefits, turnover, insurance, office equipment, licensing, payroll, training, and office space.  And, if they're good at their job, they'll be busy fast!


That's why leaders in-the-know get help from Mission Driven Data.  Our team is custom-built to fulfill your reporting needs with a level of consistency and efficiency that just can't be matched with an internal resource, even if you are lucky enough to have your own unicorn.

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