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Ready to be Excited
& Inspired by Your Data?

Do you have this nagging feeling that you could be doing more with your data - that it shouldn't be so complicated to get meaningful information out of your Electronic Health Record?

Are there areas of your agency that feel like a "black hole" of information, where you're stuck relying on anecdotes and hunches, with no way to verify details or identify the best way to improve?

Have you been thinking about how you can make a difference in the future of the behavioral health system?

We believe that the behavioral health system can be transformed by better use of our data, at all levels of the system:

  • Clinicians can use data to understand & improve their practice, and to experience a sense of accomplishment that can reduce burnout.

  • Managers and leaders can use to data to identify gaps, tease out best practices, use resources efficiently, and demonstrate the value of our services.

  • Advocates and policy makers can use data to illustrate our work, evaluate policies, and advocate for change.

We're excited to show you how Mission Driven Data is different.  Let's start a conversation and see if what we offer is the right fit for you.  

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