Introducing Janet™

A Data Tool for Credible EHR Users

Janet™ is a software program designed by Mission Driven Data engineers to replicate your agency's data from the Credible Electronic Health Record system so you have easy access to meaningful information, using standard data tools.

Hundreds of agencies use Credible to record information about services, schedule appointments, process billing and financial transactions, and e-prescribe.  There are several ways that agencies can access the rich data stored in Credible, but those methods can be complicated, time-consuming, or generate data that requires some "tweaking" to make it meaningful.  

We appreciate Credible's stance that it's your data and you should be able to use it.  That's why we designed Janet™, a tool that automates replication of your Credible database into a standard SQL database format, ready for you to use, updated every night or on demand.

For some agencies, that replication is all you need to reach your data analysis goals - you can set your SQL developers loose on the replicated database using any tool you'd like.


We know that there are agencies who don't have access to a SQL developer.  Or, you may have a SQL developer, but no one who can explain to that person what you'd like to see.

​That's why Janet™ is more than a replication.  Using our years of experience in behavioral health, we are building a set of data tools you can use to get interesting, insightful information about your agency, without a technical background. 


We are building a community of passionate, smart people using data to make a difference in the world.  Join us!