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10 Keys to Unlocking Meaningful Insights from Your EHR Data

Mission Driven Data stands ready to help your agency respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our tools can be installed 100% remotely.  Our consulting services are available 100% online.

And we believe meaningful data has never been more important.  Read more in our latest blog post here.

Behavioral health agencies have an urgent need for actionable data.

You have powerful questions. You need reliable answers.

Let's turn your Electronic Health Record data into accessible, meaningful information to support you and your agency's mission.  

Ready to do more with your Electronic Health Record data?

"Our mission is to make your data accessible, meaningful, and exciting.  We believe data analysis can be fun!  But we also believe that it is critically important to the future of the behavioral health system and the people we serve."


When it comes to data, operations, or information systems, it's easy to feel frustration and overwhelmed.  You have limited time and resources, and the process of recruiting, training, and retaining staff is challenging.  Maybe you have big ideas for transforming your system, but the daily struggle to put out fires keeps getting in the way.​ 

Mission Driven Consulting

Our goal is to build and nurture a supportive network of behavioral health people who are empowered with a deeper understanding of data, ready to take on meaningful system transformation.

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