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Focus on Your Big Ideas

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Does it seem like you're so busy dealing with the latest daily crisis that you never have time to work on your big ideas?

Are you starting to feel a bit disconnected from the things you care about?

Are you starting to worry that this is what it means to be a leader in behavioral health - putting out fires, constantly worrying about how to find money for things like a new HVAC system, wondering if your key staff are about to leave?

Solving the crisis-of-the-day can feel good, but you have so much more to offer! 


Your unique vision, your passion, and your big ideas are the secret sauce we need to transform the behavioral health system.

So, let's set aside some time for you to get centered, to access that inner reserve of passion, and to set some goals that are meaningful and deeply connected to your mission.

Part 1:  Strengths-Based Reflections & Hope

Part 2:  Thinking Forward & Areas of Focus

Part 3:  Getting Into the Details

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