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Help With Your Big Ideas

One 45-minute Mission Driven Planning Session:  $140

Thanks for signing up! I will be in contact to schedule our session. I can't wait!

The everyday stuff at your agency keeps you busy. You never imagined all the little things that you'd need to think about as a leader - things like fixing the air conditioner or sorting out complicated staff situations.

That everyday stuff is important, but it can feel like you're constantly putting out fires, like you never have time to work on the upstream, longer-term stuff:

  • figuring out what's working well and where there are gaps

  • trying new things and keeping track of what works

  • identifying talented team members and helping them grow

You have a hunch that you could make a real difference in so many areas, if you just had a few minutes to think and plan!  

And it would help if you didn't have to do that thinking and planning alone - if you could bounce ideas off someone who isn't worried about how your ideas will affect them or their department.  Someone who could help you think through a plan and iron out some of the details before you present it to your team.

Well, I'm here for exactly that!  Let's set aside some time together!

In our Mission Driven Planning Session, we'll take one of your big ideas and fill in the details.  You'll bring your passion and your big idea.  I'll bring my skills in turning ideas into meaningful goals that are measurable. 


You'll leave our session with a concrete plan wrapped around that brilliant idea of yours.  It's going to feel so good!

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