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Come join the conversation at out post-RCPA workshop!

Wednesday November 2nd, 1:00 PM Eastern

What did we learn during this week together?
What are were folks talking about at the Thought Leader Pizza Party?



Connect with other community mental health leaders from across the country.
Learn technical skills in Microsoft Power BI and SQL, that you can apply to your agency's data.

Hear from thought leaders in the fields of mental health and data, in our Guest Speaker Series.


Janet™ is a software program designed by Mission Driven Data to quickly and easily replicate your agency's data from the Credible Electronic Health Record system, giving you meaningful access to your data.

Learn which version of Janet™ is right for your agency!

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Mission Driven Data consultants bring a combined 30+ years of experience in behavioral and mental health to work for your agency. We specialize in translating your business needs into actionable data tools.

We have a passion for helping your team understand the data that you are seeing.

Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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