Explore Data to Ask & Answer Questions

With Microsoft Power BI reports, you are empowered to explore your data, test theories, and look for patterns - without building another report.  The answers to your questions are there in your data, and now you can find them with a click of your mouse!

Use Patterns to Prioritize Opportunities

Standard financial reports are often presented with row after row of numbers.  It's hard to spot patterns and it's too easy to get lost in the details.  Let's use the tools built in to Microsoft Power BI to transform those lists into something your eyes, your brain, and your team will love!

Customize Reports for Specific Needs

Community organizations are complex, and that means that standardized metrics and reports won't always be a perfect fit.  With customized datasets, you can create meaningful reports that align with your agency's unique programs and your mission.  You decide what matters the most!

Are you interested in getting more valuable information from your Electronic Health Record data? Let's connect!

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