Is Virginia Still for
Lo   ers of Data?

We think so. We've got some ideas that  will complement the VACSB Public Policy Conference 2021, and we're excited to share them with you:

  • Register for our post-conference webinar; addressing data-related challenges and opportunities for Credible agencies in Virginia.

  • Interact with a Sample Community Service Board, created with Janet™.

  • Join the Mission Driven Data community


Register for our Post-Conference Webinar

Join us Thursday, October 14th @ 1:00 PM EST for a live discussion of Virginia-specific data challenges and opportunities.

Example Community Service Board Report

We've created this example Community Service Board Report in Microsoft Power BI for you to explore. All details, including patient names, addresses, and other details, were generated randomly - no Protected Health Information is included in this dataset. Go ahead, click on the options, & drill-through to the details.  

Join The Mission Driven Data Community

We need to change the conversation about value.  To do that, we need to really understand our data and the stories it can tell. 


Where are we doing well?  Where do we need to improve?  Who are we reaching?  Who is falling through the cracks?

Most importantly, how do our services impact individuals, families, and communities?

The answers to these questions might be hard to find, and maybe even a little uncomfortable to study, but the people using our services are depending on us to figure this out.


We're working together to bring meaningful, positive transformation to our system.

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