Are your most important projects stuck at the bottom of your to-do list?
Is it hard to stop worrying about the crisis of the day long enough to plan for the future?
Do you sometimes wonder if your career will really make a difference in the world?
Are you ready to re-focus on your mission?
Join us Aug 25th @ 1 PM PST/4 PM EST for Focusing on Your Mission in the Midst of Uncertainty

Your Time Matters 

You know your time is valuable, and you're tired of wasting it on projects that never go anywhere.

Your Energy Matters 

You know yourself well enough to notice the signs of burn-out, and you know the activities that really drain you.

Your Mission Matters

You care enough about the world to take that extra step, hold on to hope, and face down the obstacles in your way.
We need leaders like you - people who are passionate, who are driven by a sense of purpose, and who are willing to think creatively to solve problems.
In this webinar, you'll learn tools and strategies for focusing on your mission, even in uncertain times.
Ginger Bandeen is a Licensed Social Worker with a passion for transforming the behavioral health system.
Ginger uses her 15+ years of experience in the community behavioral health system, along with a knack for data analysis, to provide mission-driven leaders with the information and tools they need to change the world.
In her spare time (and when we're not in the midst of a pandemic) Ginger enjoys off-the-beaten-path travel, joining her friends for weekly trivia at her Portland neighborhood pub, and being the nerdy-est band mom at her son's many musical gigs at venues across the city.
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